Expertise at the local and global levels.

Every day, every hour, the business of agriculture changes. To be successful in today's marketplace, you need to work with a cooperative whose business it is to help keep you relevant. Our far-reaching network links North American farmers to an extensive domestic and global marketing platform as well as a world of fertilizer products essential for optimal grain and oilseed growth. It’s the kind of partnership that can allow a single soybean farm to sell its crop not only as soybeans, but ultimately as soy meal, soy flour and soy proteins too.

With CHS, you get expertise and knowledge at the local level, in your community. CHS agronomists are there for you long before seed goes into the ground, and long after your products have gone to market. Our experts consult with local growers about crop selection, seed selection, fertilizers, fuel timing and sale timing for your grains. In the real world. In real time. This knowledge extends to precision agriculture including soil testing, fuel timing and local best practices. Through our locally-managed CHS Service Centers, our expertise starts and stays in your community to help optimize inputs, and ultimately optimize your yields. 

The CHS enteprise links to an extensive domestic and global marketing platform—helping farmers and ranchers turn every acre and head of livestock into opportunities for growth.

The acreage shuffle

With an already stable supply of wheat around the world, farmers are shifting their fields to grow new crops.

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Hard-working, creative people to help our farmers feed and fuel the world. Find your place at CHS.


Shaping ag education's future

Agriculture demographics are changing rapidly; key talent is beginning to retire. The data tell the story.

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