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Learning & Development

Cooperative growth opportunities through education. Programs offered through the Cooperative Leadership Academy by CHS are designed to help today’s cooperative leaders make the right investment in their most valued asset – their people. Most programs are open enrollment; some are part of a progressive leadership track and are by nomination only. For more information contact us at 651-355-4503 or CHSCoopLearningAndDev@chsinc.com.

Leadership Classes

Computer Training

Who should attend: Individuals in any role

In partnership with New Horizons Computer Learning take computer learning to a new level with New Horizons Computer Learning Centers of Minnesota’s online and in-person computer training. Courses cover a wide range of software and programs. Virtual learning options let you learn online at your convenience. Some courses may be eligible for vendor credits.


CHS and New Horizons Computer Learning

No events scheduled at this time.

Crucial Conversations

Who should attend: Individuals in any role

Have you been avoiding that tough conversation? Tired of dancing around the topic? Ready to address the elephant in the room? Crucial Conversations gives you the tools and confidence to foster open dialogue around high-stakes, emotional or risky topics. By learning to speak the same and be heard, you’ll surface the best ideas, make high-quality decisions and act on those decisions.

No events scheduled at this time.

Leading Strategic Growth

Who should attend: Senior leaders, team leaders

Online in partnership with ExecOnline and Columbia Business School

Learn how to distill strategic challenges and choices into a set of key priorities within your control. Identify organizational considerations and implications that must be navigated for successful implementation of a new strategy.

No events scheduled at this time.

Harvard ManageMentor (HMM)

Who should attend: Individuals in any role

This self-paced, online tool kit provides learning opportunities designed to meet the needs of a wide-variety of learners wherever they may be. The HMM library consists of relevant, current and credible content facilitated by best-selling authors, world-class business leaders and top executives and are designed to develop a leader mind-set, as well as develop increased depth and breadth in leadership capabilities. Registrants will be able to read, listen, watch and, in some cases, participate in learning through a wide variety of methods including simulations, case studies and videos.


No events scheduled at this time.

InColor InSight for Team Alignment

Who should attend: Leadership teams, functional or cross-functional teams such as project teams and other existing teams

Discover your team’s collective strengths and improve communication and team engagement. Understand individual behaviors and their impact on team dynamics. Individuals take the Personal Insight Inventory and gain greater awareness of their strengths through the Personal Insight Profile.


No events scheduled at this time.

Leading for Success by CHS

Who should attend: New and emerging co-op leaders

This program focuses on cooperative planning and financial management, core cooperative management and leadership development. In addition to developing cooperative management and financial acumen, learners will build talent management capabilities, learn how to motivate and energize employees and encourage collaboration, promote more candid and transparent conversations, demonstrate effective communication to build trust, collaborate and influence, as well as build high-performing teams.

No events scheduled at this time.

Leading Innovative Change

Who should attend: Senior leaders, team leaders and project managers

Online in partnership with ExecOnline and UC Berkeley-Haas Learn how to drive customer insight while gaining greater command of company’s needs.  Attendees will demonstrate how to more effectively identify and implement innovation opportunities in a fast-moving and competitive landscape. The program offers a strong case for reaffirming innovation practices and offering new ones. It will be effective in shaping the minds and hearts of those managers who must embrace the changes necessary to truly innovate in the workplace.

No events scheduled at this time.

Leading Operational Excellence

Who should attend: Senior and mid-level leaders; project and team managers

Online in partnership with ExecOnline and MIT Sloan School of BusinessThis course is for those who can identify areas of process inefficiency in the organization and develop a plan for optimization; attendees then learn how to align their organization to drive implementation. This cross-functional program fosters improved perspective and decision-making between operations and non-operational managers.

No events scheduled at this time.

Implementing Winning Strategies

Who should attend: By nomination; High-potential managers and emerging leaders

Online in partnership with ExecOnline and the Columbia Business School

This program teaches leaders the tools to identify new strategic growth opportunities while improving their ability to understand and execute current company strategy, as well as build effective and highly aligned teams. Participants will work together as a cohort on a strategic business project.

No events scheduled at this time.

Make A Difference: Coaching and Feedback

Who should attend: Managers and above

Through Make a Difference: Coaching and Feedback, you’ll learn to apply a practical system for thinking that provides structure for effective coaching and feedback discussions. Learn how to use the tools and tactics of the framework to clearly define goals, explore all possibilities, collaborate quickly and easily with others, coach others for measurable results and provide structured feedback.

No events scheduled at this time.

Leading for Impact

Who should attend: Experienced managers or high-functioning individual contributors

This program focuses on equipping leaders with the skills needed to lead an organization today and into the future, including increasing trust and transparent communication, driving strategic thinking, increasing a company-wide perspective, accelerating collaboration, delivering presentations and enabling change. It features online learning and in-person sessions.

No events scheduled at this time.

Leading for Results

Who should attend: Experienced managers or high-functioning individual contributors


The ultimate measure of results for any organization is the ability to create long-term growth. In this final course in the leadership process, you’ll learn how create results through a greater understanding of governance, finance, strategic planning and execution, leadership and communication skills and risk management, combined with hands-on applications. Coursework is specifically designed to enhance your strategic leadership thinking skills and capabilities. Leading for Results was created in collaboration with North Dakota State University, combining real-world lessons with the academic strength of a major research university.

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Fargo, ND

Leading for Success by CHS Session 3

Who should attend: Past Participants of Principles of Effective Management or emerging co-op  Leaders with at least four years of supervisory experience

This course will provide you with the tools to be a more effective leader within your cooperative. The curriculum is designed to focus on building and deepening foundational leadership skills such as self-awareness, selection and interviewing, feedback and performance management, building a high performance team,accountability, candid conversations and leading a diverse workforce. 
No events scheduled at this time.