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Trusted as a private-label lubricants partner for more than three decades, CHS focuses on a collaborative process that gives you the edge it takes to succeed. Unlike other suppliers, CHS delivers value-added services such as assistance with marketing, custom oil formulations for unique applications, and technical training for your team. 

You can count on CHS for the value, efficiency and innovation that come from doing business with a leader. To learn more, download our private label brochure and call 1-800-852-8186.

Personal Attention
With CHS as your partner, you’ll get personalized attention from a Fortune 100 team of experts with a deep knowledge of changing specifications and performance. Our team includes an experienced lubricants technical services staff that’s always ready to help you. In addition, CHS provides a best in class warranty program to its private label customers.

Production Facilities
Having three plants located in the heartland of the United States helps control your freight costs and ensure your products are delivered on time. Our commitment to high quality includes an on-site laboratory with expert chemists, full testing capabilities, and ISO 9001:2008 certification at every plant.

Comprehensive Services
CHS can help you with all your needs, including:
  • Custom lubricant formulations
  • Contract lubricant packaging
  • Original package design and artwork
  • Compliance with Global Harmonization System for product labels and safety data sheets
  • Specialized grease manufacturing and packaging
  • Warehousing and shipping
  • Oil testing and analysis
  • Our private label customers know they can trust CHS for special attention and the value, efficiency and innovation that come from doing business with a leader.

  • Whatever your private label need is, CHS can help. You can rely on our sales and technical support teams to manage the process from start to finish.

  • Located in the heartland of the United States, all CHS lubricants blending plants have full private label services and strict quality control processes.

  • Each CHS plant has full testing capabilities and is staffed by expert chemists to assure you receive top quality lubricants that meet exact specifications.