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CHS is one of the nation’s largest propane wholesalers. Customers rely on our extensive supply and distribution systems for a dependable source of propane. We have access to propane supply at 150 terminals in 40 states and five Canadian provinces and to the largest fleet of pressurized vessels in the nation. All ensure a dependable and efficient propane supply at the right place and the right time—no matter what the fundamentals of the market may be.

At CHS, we’re serious about propane safety. Operating as an extension of their business, we ask our retail customers to make safety a priority and offer programs to help. In addition, we provide a full range of propane products and services, including innovative tools to help retailers and their customers manage costs associated with propane market price fluctuations.

And now, CHS is more than propane for retailers. We also offer expertise in marketing all your Natural Gas Liquids (NGL’s), including refinery butane and propylene.

To find out how the financial strength and stability of CHS can help alleviate risk in your propane business, call 1-800-853-8350.

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Weathering storms with a trusted propane partner ensures you and your customers can sleep easy at night, knowing you can both depend on the propane you need to fuel your business and their homes. We invest in reliable supply chains, trusted tools and new innovations to help you manage costs and to help you succeed. The CHS team is as serious about your reputation as we are about ours — built by engaging our customers, rolling up our sleeves and getting in there to help. It’s our relationships that make us strong — even more so in the stormiest of times.

Call 800-852-8186 and together, we’ll face any storm that comes our way.