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Largest cooperative refiner and growing.

CHS provides  member-owners and other customers with dependable supplies of quality refined fuels from our own refineries for more than seven decades. As the nation’s largest cooperative refiner, CHS sells more than three billion gallons of refined fuels annually. 

Our state-of-the-art facilities and skilled workforce make sure we’re delivering a continuous supply of quality gasoline and diesel products. And we’re always looking to the future, continuing to invest in our refineries, pipelines and terminals to meet our customers’ growing demand. Our pipelines move our refined products throughout the Upper Midwest, helping to ensure our farmer-owners have the quality fuel they need, when they need it.
  • CHS Refinery at Laurel

    Our Laurel, Mont., refinery has a 56,000 barrels-per-day refining capacity and distributes products throughout the northern tier of the U.S. A multimillion-dollar project is under way that will increase refinery production of gasoline and diesel products to 880 million gallons per year. CHS purchased the Laurel refinery in 1943. You can reach the main office at 406-628-5200.

  • CHS Refinery at McPherson

    The McPherson refinery has an 85,000 barrels-a-day capacity, with the majority of the crude oil it refines purchased from local Kansas producers. Current investments in infrastructure and pipelines will raise its capacity to 100,000 barrels per day in 2016. The McPherson refinery’s primary products are gasoline and diesel fuel for distribution throughout the Upper Midwest. CHS has been a proud owner of the McPherson refinery for more than 70 years. We're looking forward to continuing to build a bright future as the sole owner.

    You can reach the main office at 620-241-2340. For crude oil price bulletins and the owner/operator area, please visit

  • CHS Pipelines

    CHS taps into more than 2,500 miles of pipeline throughout the U.S. and Canada to access crude oil for our refineries and safely move product to the marketplace. CHS takes pride in being a dependable supplier of high-quality energy products to our owners and partners.

  • CHS Terminals

    Our customers are connected to a dependable supply through a dozen of our own refined product terminals, a network of more than 250 third-party terminals, and finished product storage for nearly 3 million barrels. In addition to moving energy products through terminals, CHS markets quality gasoline and diesel fuel through a network of 1,400 Cenex® branded locations in 19 states, dependably powering everything from cars to heavy-duty trucks and tractors.

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