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Feeding the world—and our customers’ growth.

Every day families across the world sit down to meals featuring nutritious food and ingredients from CHS.

As a global processor of quality food, food ingredients and other grain-based products, we have a long history of adding value to our farmers’ crops—and strengthening our global food companies business’s customers’ businesses through reliable products, customized solutions and exceptional customer service. 

CHS food technicians work closely with food companies to increase proteins, extend meat products, and bring lower calorie, higher-protein foods to the world through our innovative soybean programs. And you can be sure, CHS will work with you to help control manufacturing costs and help manage risk in the commodities markets.

With CHS, you have an innovative, collaborative partner you can trust. We value our tradition of lasting partnerships and mutually-rewarding customer relationships, and we manage our business with the highest integrity. Count on products with world-class quality and consistency that always meet your highest expectations. Count on CHS.
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The September/October issue looks at the snarled U.S. rail system heading into harvest. Readers can also learn the top 10 risk management tips from an industry leader, how propane-powered flaming fights weeds and news from across the CHS system.

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Feeding a Hungry Planet

CHS is proud to continue serving an important role in feeding the growing world population. From rails to barges, find out where CHS markets and ships their corn, wheat and soybeans.

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