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Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance

CHS Board of Directors reflects our owners, our company and our values. The directors bring a breadth and depth of experience not seen in many companies. The 17 members of the board manage and direct complex business operations including farms and ranches and trucking and distribution companies. You can find the biographies of our board of directors on our website

All members of the CHS Board of Directors must be full-time farmers or ranchers and are elected by the member cooperatives and individuals in a particular region. However, once elected, the board members commit to represent the interests of all CHS member-owners. 

Eight geographic regions comprise our membership, and each region is represented by between one and four directors. The number of producers, co-ops and business in each region determine the number of directors representing the area. The CHS Board of Directors regularly revisits board representation to make certain we have a fair and equitable distribution of the 17 director positions. 

Local cooperatives are the foundation of our system and its ownership and governance. We have three types of owners:

  • Individual farmers and ranchers who own shares by selling us grain directly or as customer-owners at one of our CHS Country Operations locally governed retail businesses.
  • About 900+ local cooperatives who represent an estimated 500,000 more producers.
  • And while we're not a traditional investor-owned cooperative, we do have fixed-rate preferred stock that is available to the public on the NASDAQ stock exchange. One note about these owners: They don't have voting rights. 

Ownership in CHS has distinct advantages: Our owners are customer, owners and patrons. CHS Board of Directors and employees are committed to working hard each day to deliver the products and services our owners need, when they need them and at a competitive price. Our owners have a voice, and their input contributes to the strength of our cooperative. And they share in our profits. In the last six years, CHS returned $2.6 billion in cash, preferred stock and dividends on preferred stock to our owners. 

To apply for membership and patronage eligibility, please use this fillable PDF. Once completed, please print this form and mail to CHS Inc., Patron Equities Dept. MS 682, P.O. Box 64089, St. Paul, MN 55164.

All membership and patronage applications are subject to review and approval by the CHS Board of Directors under guidelines detailed in the CHS Membership Policy

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