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2016 CHS Annual Report
The 2016 CHS Annual Report showcases the essentials of CHS and cooperatives. Accessible here, the annual report offers a colorful and detailed overview of the year’s activities. Within, readers will learn about CHS and its unwavering commitment to its owners and cooperatives.

2016 Annual Meeting Videos
To capture the year’s accomplishments from a different perspective, our owners, customers and employees help showcase the essentials of CHS  -- from the perspective of producers, employees and cooperatives. 

The Essential Value CHS Provides

Find out more about the value CHS provides.

The Essential Value of Our Cooperative System

Take a closer look at the value of the CHS cooperative system.

The Essentials

Find out more about the essentials CHS provides.

The Essentials: A Co-op's Perspective

Learn more about the "essentials," from a cooperatives point of view.

The Essentials: A Producer’s Perspective

Learn what producers consider to be the "essentials" of farming.

The Essentials of a Cooperative Future

Find out what's necessary to keep cooperatives successful in the future.

"You Never Farm Alone"

Learn more about how a farmer or rancher is never alone when he or she works with a cooperative.

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