CHS commissioned business consulting firm Ernst & Young (EY) to take an in-depth look at the company’s economic impact on in America. The firm analyzed data including CHS U.S. sales, earnings, employment, patronage to owners and capital expenditures. 

EY found CHS economic activity supported more than 60,700 jobs directly and indirectly, far exceeding the company’s 12,100 employees. 
“That means for every job CHS creates itself, there are five more jobs created indirectly in the community as a result of the economic activity from the cooperative system,” Carl Casale, CHS president and chief executive officer said. “This ‘job multiplier’ factor far surpasses that of other sectors of the economy.” 

The report, based on CHS fiscal 2014 data, showed CHS $33.45 billion in gross global business in the U.S. translated to direct gross economic output of nearly $18.5 billion dollars locally. In addition, each $1 million of CHS economic output supported an additional $600,000 in output for other U.S. businesses. The study analyzes CHS economic data and impact for all U.S. states and every congressional district.