CHS Community Giving supports rural and mental health initiatives

CHS Community Giving provides $85,000 to AgriSafe to support rural health initiatives, $25,000 earmarked for mental health

Apr 30, 2019

CHS Community Giving, the direct grantmaking arm of CHS, recently announced an $85,000 grant to support three of AgriSafe’s ag health and safety initiatives. CHS Community Giving funding will support expanding mental health services, continuing education for rural nurses and health/safety training for future agricultural producers.

“Each program offers critical support for managers, farmworkers, young workers and rural health care providers that may be otherwise unavailable,” says Natalie Roy, executive director, AgriSafe. “AgriSafe is thankful that CHS Community Giving has continued to invest in our programming that directly impacts our rural communities for more than 10 years.”

Farmer health and well-being have been a prominent conversation among agriculture groups in recent months. The uncertainty of the ag economy, chronic illnesses/pain and lack of access to health services in rural areas are all contributing factors according to recent reports. Through a new initiative called Total Farmer Health, AgriSafe will take a holistic approach to training 300 rural health care professionals and 200 rural influencers to better identify mental health signs and recommend treatment. Farm Credit and CHS are the lead sponsors of the Total Farmer Health initiative.

“As part of the CHS Community Giving focus, CHS believes in the power of partnership to address issues related to rural America,” says Jessie Headrick, director, CHS Community Giving. “We are proud to work with AgriSafe and other industry partners to support the needs and well-being of our farmer-owners.”

CHS Community Giving funding also includes ongoing support of AgriSafe’s Invest in Your Health program, a wellness initiative for high school and college agriculture students and the AgriSafe Nurse Scholar program, an innovative distance learning opportunity available to rural nurses throughout the nation.

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