Cenex® brand gives tickets for good

People cheering at a baseball stadium

Nov 18, 2019

While “take me out to the ball game” is a well-known phrase, not everyone is fortunate enough to attend sporting events or music festivals. That’s why the Cenex® brand is using tickets it receives from partners like the Green Bay Packers and Country Jam USA to give back to deserving community members, organizations and social media followers. 

As part of its Tickets for Good initiative, the Cenex brand gives away tickets on its Facebook channel, at tradeshows and to local nonprofit organizations. In fall 2019, nonprofit Ben’s Wish, which assists local communities with food insecurity, raised $3,000 at a fundraiser by auctioning off a Cenex tickets package.

“The Cenex brand has a deep-rooted history of serving the people and communities of rural America. Attending a sporting event or concert is a special experience, and we want to share that with deserving customers and people in our communities,” says Mark Vanderlinde, advertising and brand manager for Cenex. “By donating tickets, the Cenex brand powers local communities, nonprofits and deserving customers.”