CHS Propane helps customers focus on safety

Driver delivering propane to customer

Nov 25, 2019

CHS Propane provides resources for independent and cooperative propane marketers to use as they sell propane to farmers and businesses. Since 1999, one of those resources has been a safety reimbursement program, which invests one-tenth of a cent for every gallon of propane a supplier sources from CHS into an individual safety fund.

Since its inception, the program has paid out $7 million for safety initiatives. 

In FY19, the business unit launched a refreshed program with a focus on exceeding industry standards for propane marketers and customers. 

The CHS Safety Reimbursement Program gives grant dollars for a number of initiatives, including reimbursing costs related to safety training and certified employee training programs (CETP).

 CHS Safety Reimbursement Program financial highlights
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“Running a safe propane operation requires a commitment of both time and money,” says Scott Pearson, director of risk and asset development, CHS Propane. “The CHS Safety Reimbursement Program is designed to ensure that financial hurdles don’t stand in the way of safety.”

More than a year after its launch, the refreshed program has seen promising response, with nearly 250 marketers applying for reimbursement dollars in FY19. “We are delighted to see that so many of our partners take advantage of our industry-leading program,” says Pearson. “We offer these programs to reinforce our priority on safety and our commitment to both CHS employees and our propane customers.”

The refreshed program allows marketers to receive reimbursement dollars for new items like safety equipment and the creation of community programs. Of those who participated, 23 percent applied for safety equipment reimbursement and nearly $15,000 reimbursed for community education. 

“These new initiatives allow marketers to think differently about how they can keep themselves, their communities and their customers safe,” says Pearson. “We want to help our partners not only meet, but exceed, industry safety standards.”