Trading places gives Global Grain Marketing employees passports to career growth

Tayna Aquino

Tayna Aquino, market intelligence and business logistic manager based in Brazil, was the first to participate in the Global Grain Talent Rotational Development pilot program.

Dec 19, 2019

Talent rotation programs are a proven way to strengthen employee skills and capabilities, enhance perspectives and improve collaboration across organizations. CHS Global Grain Marketing has used the concept for years, and is now expanding the job categories and shortening assignment times.

In September, CHS Global Grain Marketing relaunched its Global Grain Talent Rotational Development Program, 12 weeks of experiential learning and knowledge transfer for CHS Global Grain Marketing employees. The rotations are based on business needs and participants are nominated by their managers. 

“We know many employees are interested in gaining international business experience and exploring career growth opportunities. Previous global assignments covered two or three years and required relocation,” says Brian Schouvieller, senior vice president, CHS Global Grain Marketing. “The revamped program will allow more people to rotate in and out of assignments and immediately apply their new skills and connections.”

Tayna Aquino, market intelligence and business logistic manager based in Brazil, was the first pilot program participant and spent her rotation in Inver Grove Heights, Minn. Her experience included learning the inner workings of how U.S. colleagues manage the supply chain, from origination to freight and related logistics. 

“I was prepared to learn how we could improve freight in Brazil, but from my first week, I was learning so many other things. It’s so different here than what we do in Brazil,” says Aquino. “I now understand how the way we buy grains in Brazil can impact every other part of our organization.”

Aquino is confident her time in the program will help her meet her career goals.

“Knowing more about the company and feeling connected to the business helps me do better in my everyday job. In logistics, we need to think outside of the box every time, manage risk and be more efficient. All the knowledge and experience I’ve gained through this program helps me do that.”

The opportunity to share her new understanding has been a highlight for Aquino. 

“I want to share everything I learned here with my coworkers in Brazil. I want to take back the message of one CHS. It’s been fun connecting employees in Inver Grove Heights with employees in Brazil and watching them exchange DMs (direct messages) to solve business problems,” says Aquino. “We have really smart people working at CHS, so it’s just a matter of creating connections to help produce great work.”

“We’re not only sending our employees to and from our U.S. headquarters,” says Schouvieller. “Selected employees from our Asia-Pacific region could work in our EMEA (European, Middle East and Africa) locations, and our North American employees could do stints in South America. We have a lot to learn from each other.”

The program is currently focused on creating job rotation experiences for employees working in customer-facing and related grain supply chain management positions, but the goal is to expand broadly across corporate functions supporting Global Grain Marketing. 

Schouvieller says Global Grain Marketing employees interested in the Global Grain Talent Rotational Development Program should discuss their career plans with their supervisors or local Human Resources contact.