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Data is power: Building a digital supply chain

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Feb 13, 2020

Data is the lifeblood of any organization, from farms to corporations. Connecting data across the cooperative system adds efficiency and decision-making power. Building that digital supply chain is a key initiative for CHS.

“We are enhancing data streams to ensure CHS assets work together seamlessly and with flexibility so we can leverage the full power of CHS for our owners,” says Riley Buss, a CHS business intelligence expert.

A team of data experts is applying machine learning and artificial intelligence to create key performance indicators for better decision-making.

One example, says Buss, is building weather data into computer models to predict the quality of grain harvested by farmer-owners and moving through the cooperative supply chain to the CHS export terminal in Myrtle Grove, La. Knowing the quality of grain in transit will help CHS merchandisers find the right customers and add value for owners.

“Supply chains have huge variability, from excess freight capacity in the summer to limited capacity in the fall. The transition between feast and famine for freight can happen in days. Predictive data analytics will help us smooth the supply shocks by anticipating changes,” says Justin Cauley, senior merchandiser, CHS Global Grain Marketing. “Our models will forecast supply-demand scenarios before they occur. Using those analytics, CHS will be able to proactively respond with seamless execution for our owners and customers.”