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Waiting game: Preparing for spring

Galveston, Texas deep-water port

Urea is unloaded at the CHS Agronomy deep-water port at Galveston, Texas, to fulfill spring demand throughout the U.S. via rail.

Mar 02, 2020

As the 2020 growing season waits to unfold, crop nutrients suppliers are scurrying to fill warehouses to meet expected fertilizer needs.

“We have crop nutrient imports arriving at Gulf of Mexico ports in preparation for spring applications in the South and when the northern Mississippi River opens for barge traffic,” says Roger Baker, who leads crop nutrient supply, trading and risk management for CHS Agronomy.

Constant communication along the supply chain helps forecast volumes needed for the next growing season. CHS crop nutrients teams work to have supplies in place before applicators need to fill their rigs.

“Our crop nutrients team works with CHS rail, barge and truck transportation experts to plan for incoming shipments, identify possible disruptions and create back-up supply plans,” says Baker. A key part of the supply chain is a network of terminals that are filled in the quiet time before spring application season, then restocked as nutrients are hauled away.

“Fall fertilizer applications were limited the last few seasons due to weather,” Baker adds. “Soils should be hungry for nutrients and we expect a strong spring application season. We’ll be ready with fertilizer in storage and in the pipeline so farmers and their crops have the nutrients they need.”

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