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9 agriculture blogs from women experts you should be reading

A woman farmer walks through a field of sugar beets on a cloudy day.

Jul 31, 2020

Agriculture is an industry full of opportunities and wisdom. Fun, educational blogs written by female growers, farm owners and business professionals allow experts to share their ag knowledge and experience with the world

Check out these nine blogs from expert women to help your farm operation and business:

Women in Agriculture

A sector of Successful Farming, “Women in Ag” is a space for farm women from all walks of life to connect and learn from one another. Authors of the blog are women who comprise a variety of roles in the agricultural industry.


  • How-to
  • Agriculture news
  • Inspirational stories
  • Personal anecdotes
  • Ag marketing
  • Farm life
  • Food

Janice Person

Janice, or JP as social media has coined her, is a city girl who initially made her way into agriculture through an internship in college. She was introduced to cotton farming and fell in love. Her lifestyle blog reflects on her experiences in agriculture, communications and everyday life.


  • Cotton 101
  • General agriculture
  • Food
  • Travel
  • Personal experiences

Common Ground

Common Ground is made up of a group of female farmers who discuss research and dig deeper into some of the common misconceptions about farming. The blog is funded by the National Corn Growers Association and the United Soybean Board.


  • Animal welfare
  • Antibiotics
  • Corporate farms
  • Farm ownership
  • Food prices and safety
  • GMO’s and hormones
  • Local and organic food
  • Sustainability

Women Food & Ag Network (WFAN)

WFAN was created to connect women in agriculture, encourage information exchange and educate its followers. Although women own or co-own nearly half of the farmland in the Midwest, they are drastically underrepresented, according to WFAN. 


  • Conferences
  • Harvesting potential
  • Politics
  • Resources
  • Women growers
  • Women farm profiles
  • Land and legacy

The Female Farmer Project

Founded by Audra Mulkern, The Female Farmer Project is a compilation of female authors reflecting on their experiences and sharing their opinions on the increasing population of women growers. The goal of the siteis to document the rise of women in agriculture through essays, stories, a podcast series, photography, agriculture news and more.


  • Women’s roles in agriculture
  • Harvesting and producing
  • Current events
  • Female farmer identity and representation
  • Sustainability and equity

Celeste Harned

A writer, photographer and graphic designer for her own freelance communications service, Celeste Harned started a blog to advocate for family farms. On her blog, Celeste writes about many different themes including personal experiences and current topics in ag.She also uses the space to share her photography.


  • Livestock showing
  • Photography
  • Farm mom life
  • Current events
  • Communications
  • Journalism


More than just a blog, FarmHer is an online community that MarjiGuyler-Alaniz founded for women in agriculture. The company has a clothing and accessory line, a television show, a blog and hosts events. The blog features several authors and touches on a broad range of agricultural topics. Check out their popular hashtags on social media: #FarmHer #GrowHer #RanchHer


  • Livestock ranching
  • Fashion
  • Events
  • Crops
  • Agriculture by state
  • Personal stories
  • Guest bloggers
  • Rodeo
  • Dairy
  • Urban farming

Country Linked

Laurie Linkcreated her lifestyle blog for those who do not live in the country to have an opportunity to learn what life is like on a farm. She maintains a focus on her family, the work involved in farming and everyday aspects of her life.


  • Photography
  • Agriculture
  • Farm life
  • Family
  • Livestock
  • Farm ownership
  • Crops

Women’s Agricultural Network (WAgN)

WAgN is designed to increase the number of women who own and operate farmsandencourage women to purse leadership positions in agriculture, business, government and their community. The blog provides resources and information to help women get involved. 


  • Business management
  • Ag success stories
  • Leadership
  • Funding
  • Land access
  • Resources for beginning farmers
  • Culture and society