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Water warrior: Keeping fuel tanks clean

Image of fuel tanks on a farm.

Sep 16, 2020

Keeping water out of fuel lines is critical, since water in equipment can cause breakdowns and costly downtime. The best way to keep water out of equipment is through regular fuel tank maintenance and testing for water. A new product called AquaFighter simplifies testing for water buildup and resolving the problem.

Developed by a company in Norway, AquaFighter is a solution for removing water from diesel tanks. CHS is currently the only wholesaler in the U.S. to offer the AquaFighter product to fuel distributors.

“Not all diesel tanks are the same, but many tanks have the common problem of water contamination,” says Andrew Manchester, account manager for CHS Energy Equipment, which sells AquaFighter through its online store. 

AquaFighter uses a dip stick test to check for the presence of water and then uses one of four filters, depending on tank size, to absorb suspended water, which prevents bacteria from forming in the fuel tank. 

Removing bacteria from fuel significantly reduces the risk of diesel filter clogging, says Manchester. “Microbes rely on water to live and multiply. By removing water in diesel, equipment will be protected from harmful effects.”

Ask your local cooperative or fuel distributor about testing your diesel fuel tank and preventing downtime with AquaFighter.

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