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Protect your equipment with the right diesel engine oil

Cenex® Maxtron® diesel engine oils increase fuel economy up to 3% in extreme conditions and up to 2% in normal conditions.

Cenex® Maxtron® diesel engine oils increase fuel economy up to 3% in extreme conditions and up to 2% in normal conditions, and hold 80% of their viscosity between oil changes.

Mar 05, 2021

It’s the middle of February. The thermometer already reads minus 5 degrees Fahrenheit, and you know it’s going to hit 20 below overnight. You head outside to get some work done and you’re hoping your truck starts. It’s an everyday task, but it can go one of two ways: a trusty start or a dead engine.

Producer Chuck Nelson relies on Cenex® lubricants, fuels and the Cenex Total Protection Plan® warranty to keep his equipment performing in tough conditions.

Producer Chuck Nelson relies on Cenex® lubricants, fuels and the Cenex Total Protection Plan® warranty to keep his equipment performing in tough conditions.

Engineered for Tough Conditions 

North Dakota producer Chuck Nelson knows this situation all too well. “We have to run our diesel pickups when it gets really cold and, with Cenex® full synthetic lubricants, they always start.”

Nelson’s tractors, combines, farm trucks and semi-trucks all run on Maxtron® Enviro-EDGE® full synthetic diesel engine oil. “When it’s cold or dirty or wet, we need our equipment to perform,” he says. “By using Cenex full synthetic oils, I know we can trust that our equipment will work.” Nelson raises sugarbeets, wheat, barley, oats, corn, soybeans and edible beans on his 6,000-acre operation based at Thompson, N.D., near Grand Forks.   

The right oil helps keep engines clean in tough conditions, says Brian Schwartz, district manager for Cenex lubricants. Reliability is due to three factors: synthetic base oils, a balanced additive package designed to extend engine life and EnduroVis™, an industry-leading polymer technology that helps oil retain its viscosity.

“EnduroVis is the key differentiator for Cenex lubricants. It helps the oil from breaking down under shearing stress,” says Schwartz. “Because of the unique star shape of the EnduroVis polymer, Maxtron diesel engine oils retain 80% of their original viscosity between oil changes.”

A North Dakota producer shares why he relies on Cenex® Maxtron® Enviro-EDGE® and cooperative expertise to keep his operation running smoothly.

Full synthetic lubricants flow better as temps drop. That benefit was obvious to Nelson, who says that before switching to Enviro-EDGE, oil stored in cold weather “moved like molasses.” Needing more effective lubrication in extremely low temperatures and consistently year-round, he made the switch to full synthetics and has never looked back. 

“When our equipment starts with no issues, it tells me lubricity is better, which is important for maintaining engine life and decreasing wear on engines,” says Nelson. 


Anatomy of a Lubricant

Lubricants are a critical component of equipment maintenance. Choosing the right lubricant can improve performance.

Base Oil 

The base oil makes up 70% to 90% of a lubricant’s overall composition, so quality is critical. Full synthetic base oils feature uniform base molecules, which enhance oil stability, especially in extreme temperatures.

Additive Package 

Products have distinct additive packages based on the functions they need to perform. Additives include things like detergents to keep engines clean, anti-wear to protect moving parts and cold flow improvers to help oil flow during cold startups. 

Viscosity Modifier 

Cenex® Maxtron full synthetic
and synthetic blend diesel engine oils use a unique viscosity modifier called EnduroVis™.  This technology helps oil hold 80% of its original viscosity throughout the drain interval to increase lubricity for longer engine life. 

SEE MORE: Watch a video about EnduroVis.

Learn more about the components of a lubricant.

Protecting Equipment

Regular LubeScan® used oil analyses help make Nelson’s equipment ready for any conditions.

“You can easily see if your equipment has issues, which can save large repair bills if you catch it early,” says Nelson, who works with Tom Prout, certified energy specialist at CHS Ag Services to conduct tests and review the results.

“LubeScan used oil analysis puts the power in your hands,” says Nelson. “You can do preventive maintenance and often can plan ahead to fix issues in the off season. The LubeScan used oil test, plus use of Cenex premium diesel fuels and lubricants, qualifies much of Nelson’s equipment for the Cenex Total Protection Plan® warranty, which covers engine and transmission repairs on used equipment for up to eight years or 8,000 hours and new equipment for up to 10 years or 10,000 hours. The plan covers thousands of pieces of agricultural equipment and has no deductible.

“The warranty has saved us thousands of dollars and tells me I’m using a premium product with credibility,” he says.

Expert Advice

Having a trusted local expert in Prout is another benefit for Nelson. “The co-op has gone over and above to provide me with information and make sure I have the products I need when I need them. Their expertise and reliability has a lot of value to me.” 

Proven Cenex products and cooperative partnership gives Nelson peace of mind. “Loss of time is more costly than most repair jobs,” he says. “Preventing breakdowns in the heat of the battle is one of the most important things I can do for my farm.”

Learn more about Cenex® Maxtron® diesel engine oils at maxtronsmart.com.

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