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Propane powers hot air balloon flights

A hot air balloon lands on a farm field with blue sky in the background.

Retired commercial pilot and balloonist Lynn Huppert gets the propane to power his hot air balloon from Chippewa Valley Energy cooperative in Wisconsin.

Sep 22, 2021

Retired commercial pilot and balloonist Lynn Huppert safely lands another successful flight in a soybean field in Salem Township near Plum City, Wis. Huppert and his chase crew are in touch via radio throughout the flight and always do their best to contact landowners before touching down. 

Huppert works closely with Chippewa Valley Energy based in Eau Claire, Wis., to ensure his propane tanks are full for every trip. Although he says he misses piloting larger planes high above the clouds, Huppert finds joy these days carrying new passengers just above the treetops and over the farm fields of Wisconsin in his colorful balloon. 

Hot air balloons powered by propane

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