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How co-ops can adapt for the future

Jay Debertin in front of a sign spelling out Creating connections to empower agriculture

In a recent interview, Jay Debertin explains how cooperatives are adapting to meet agriculture's evolving global needs.

Oct 31, 2022

An interview with Jay Debertin

Agriculture cooperatives, including CHS, have served farmers and ranchers for nearly a century. 

As the industry has evolved with new products, technologies and resources to increase productivity and efficiency, the foundational role of the cooperative has changed, too. In a recent Around the Table interview, Jay Debertin, president and CEO of CHS, describes how cooperatives will continue to adapt to meet the industry’s global needs.

Through all the changes, Debertin says the cooperative system’s purpose remains unchanged: “The idea of feeding the world will never go away. How we approach the business of agriculture is absolutely going to change, but the fundamental purpose of the cooperative endures.”

Debertin says that to remain relevant in the future, cooperatives must continue to adapt to owner and consumer demands, remaining forward-looking to capitalize on new market opportunities and focus on strategic investments. 

“At CHS, we have great hope for enduring the future because we’re agile and able to adapt our business as the market changes,” he says.

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