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Connecting local cooperatives and farms to a global market
Farmers, ranchers and co-ops are the heart of our business.
We help them succeed by linking 
them to global customers.
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Grain Marketing

CHS plays a vital role connecting growers to the world.

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Animal Nutrition

Learn about CHS feed mills and branded pet and livestock feed.

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Sletten family

Growing ag roots

Central North Dakota is hours away from Houston, Texas, where Jacob Sletten lives, but close to his heart.

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See how we help farmers turn their crops into food and ingredients.

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Crop Inputs

CHS provides nutrients, crop protection, and seeds to grow healthy crops.

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Maria Cox and Kyle Lake, 2018 4R Advocates

Soil whisperers

Not all risk is bad. While farmers work hard to reduce financial risk, innovators take calculated risks when it comes to new agronomic approaches.

Illinois farmer Maria Cox is one of those innovators. She and her crop advisor, Kyle Lake, with CHS in Carrollton, Ill., were named 2018 4R Advocates by The Fertilizer Institute. Each year, the award recognizes five farmer-retail agronomist teams who are dedicated to implementing the 4Rs of nutrient stewardship: using the right nutrient source, at the right rate, at the right time and in the right place. 

In conversations with Cox and other who have actively embraced the 4Rs, common management challenges and strategies emerge. Among all the technologies and tactics they've tried, these growers point to strategies that are producing the biggest benefits in terms of soil health and the bottom line. 

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