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Connecting local cooperatives and farms to a global market
Farmers, ranchers and co-ops are the heart of our business.
We help them succeed by linking 
them to global customers.

Grain Marketing

CHS plays a vital role connecting growers to the world.

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Animal Nutrition

Learn about CHS feed mills and branded pet and livestock feed.

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Anatomy of a grain trade

Anatomy of a grain trade

The global grain trading business is risky. Avalanches and mudslides can stop trains in their tracks. Striking union workers can halt grain loading at port. Freezing sea spray and high swells can delay ocean vessels for days. Commodity prices and costs shift constantly. 
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See how we help farmers turn their crops into food and ingredients.

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Crop Inputs

CHS provides nutrients, crop protection, and seeds to grow healthy crops.

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Ahead of the curve

As recently as 20 years ago, the fertilizer business operated on predictable production and buying calendars, with little concern about shortages or carryover from one season to the next. But in the past decade, international and political changes, industry consolidations, environmental concerns, and increasing market pressures have transformed the crop nutrients industry — like many other supply-chain markets — into a complex, global business with tighter margins and higher levels of supply and price risk.

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