Animal Nutrition

Animal Nutrition

Growing healthy animals through CHS animal nutrition.

Successful ranchers depend on healthy nourishment for their herds. And with CHS and our quality assurance on their side, they have access to quality feed at a great price, expert nutritional consulting and value-added services like livestock diet rationing and risk management.

We not only source from more than 20 ethanol plants, we also operate extensive and integrated sourcing that includes dedicated DDGs assets committed to transporting and tailoring the supplies to your needs.  

Here’s how we supply a broad range of animal nutrition products and services:

  • CHS operates wholly owned and joint venture feed mills, including a premix plant and a liquid feed plant, providing livestock producers and horse owners with quality feeds under the Payback® and Equis® brands.
  • CHS owns half of Consumers Supply Distributing, LLC, based in Sioux City, Iowa, which offers Payback®-branded products, Running Horse® brand equine feed, and Rancher’s Choice® and Country Vet® brand pet foods and treats.
  • We supply feed through more than 650 retail locations across the United States.
  • Livestock

    Our total profitability package includes expert feed analysis and ration balancing, profit projections, recordkeeping and more. Our custom-formulated Payback® branded dry feed for beef, dairy, sheep, swine, goats and poultry delivers consistent, proven results that give ranchers a profit edge. Read more

  • Equine

    CHS provides the nutrition horses need to be happier and healthier with the Equis® Feed brand.

    Key Equis® advantages:

    • It’s formulated for the best value.
    • Each ingredient is highly digestible.
    • Includes supplements for wellness and immune balance.
    • Fixed formulas keep horse’s feed consistent from bag to bag.
    • More guaranteed nutrients.
    • Chelated zinc, copper and manganese improve absorption of these key trace minerals.
    • Includes selenium yeast to fortify for low availability of selenium in northwest pastures and forages.
    • Lower feeding rates: Equis® feed goes a long way.

    Learn more about our proprietary Equis® feed brand.

  • Pet

    It’s no secret that pet owners want the best for their companions. Here’s what they can expect from CHS pet food brands:

    • High quality protein sources.
    • High digestibility.
    • Precise levels of quality vitamins and minerals.
    • Soy-free formulas.
    • Great taste.
    • Value pricing.
    Learn more about our proprietary pet food brands:
    Country Vet®
    Rancher’s Choice®

  • Wild Bird

    At CHS, quality is key. That’s why all of our seed mix formulations rely on thorough scientific research about the feeding preferences of different bird species. Our products are produced, selected, cleaned and graded under strict guidelines to ensure consistently high quality and purity. The result is a complete line of bird food that appeals to the greatest variety of colorful wild birds.

    Learn more about our proprietary bird food brands:
    Feathered Friend