Grain Marketing

Global Grain Distribution

Global Grain Distribution

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Our international distribution network includes:

CHS North America: Our extensive grain origination network begins by sourcing from local farms and member cooperatives in North America.

CHS South America: With headquarters in Sao Paulo, Brazil, CHS South America procures grains and oilseeds for global customers. We export via multiple ports and offices in Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, and Uruguay. And we import fertilizer through the global CHS origination base for use by farmers in the region.

CHS Asia-Pacific: Based in Singapore—with offices at Hong Kong and Shanghai, China, Seoul, South Korea, Sydney, Australia and Taipei, Taiwan—CHS Asia-Pacific serves Pacific Rim customers by receiving grains, DDGS and fertilizer. Backed by our vast global resources, world-class logistics and risk management expertise, CHS Asia-Pacific ensures customers can count on high-quality grain delivery year-round.

CHS Europe: Based at Geneva, Switzerland, CHS Europe operates offices in Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Spain and Ukraine, along with Jordan in the Middle East, to source and market grains and oilseeds from the Black Sea and Mediterranean Basin regions to customers worldwide. CHS Europe also coordinates global fertilizer sourcing.