Cenex Brand

Cenex Brand

Growing with the energy of CHS.

Cenex®, the energy brand of CHS, is dedicated to bringing solutions to market that meet a broad range of needs. We fuel cars and buses, keep farm equipment and fleets running smoothly, and heat homes across the country. It’s a brand that’s rapidly gaining popularity across America with 1,500 convenience stores, an expanding list of propane retailers and our innovative lubricants and alternative fuels. With 80 years in the refined petroleum business, we’ve developed multi-million dollar investments in our manufacturing assets and terminals. Along with the strength of the CHS brand, we’ve earned our reputation as a safe, dependable supplier of energy products.
  • Become a retailer

    Become a part of the Cenex® brand family, and gain access to a whole world of benefits. When you work with us, you’ll tap into a multitude of benefits designed to help you succeed, including the strength of the Cenex brand,  personalized CHS service, marketing and payment solutions as well as superior products and dependable supply. Are you ready to join the network of more than 1,500 locations across 19 states?

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  • Propane distributors

    We’re here to make sure you have the tools you need to run your business efficiently. That means better risk management, including our Propane Control Room™, investments in smarter technology and alternate supply chains. You’ll find our trusted account managers are fully equipped with the knowledge you need to monitor markets and supply like never before.

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    To learn more about becoming a Cenex propane distributor, call 1-800-547-3835.

  • Lubricants distributors

    We manufacture, package and market lubricants for all sizes and types of engines, transmissions, hydraulics. Our network of distributors supplies lubricants for agriculture, fleets, manufacturing, and commercial industrial equipment and more.

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    To learn more about becoming a Cenex lubricant distributor, email Todd Monroe at