Renewable Fuels

Renewable Fuels

Delivering renewable energy solutions to the world.

At CHS we’re committed to renewable fuels as a long-term solution to meet the world’s energy needs. We have a deep-rooted relationship with the growers of bio-energy crops and for more than four decades, we’ve been a leader in renewable fuels. Today we’re a premier ethanol producer, marketer and trader, one of the nation’s largest suppliers of ethanol-enhanced gasoline, the largest retailer of E85 ethanol in the country, and a leading marketer of biodiesel products.
  • Marketing

    CHS Renewable Fuels Marketing provides an essential link between ethanol producers and blenders, helping supply meet demand while managing biofuels distribution efficiently and cost effectively. Read more

  • Ethanol Production

    CHS supports the global energy demand and is a leader in the renewable fuels industry, including its role as an ethanol producer. Ethanol is an engine fuel and fuel additive commonly made from corn. Read more