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Sunflower Seeds

Sunflower Seeds

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Sunflower Kernel
Flavorful and nutritious, sunflower kernel is a cost-effective way to add taste, texture and eye appeal to a variety of baked goods. It also makes a perfect ingredient for a variety of snacking products, including granola and trail mixes, roasted nut mixes, or on its own, packaged for consumers. 

Kernels require no prep, such as chopping, are shelf-stable, and are not a major allergen. For consumers, they’re an important source of protein, fiber, lipids, minerals and vitamins. With its subtle nutty flavor, the crisp, crunchy sunflower kernel brings distinction to any formulation. Roasted and raw.

CHS was the first sunflower processor to offer an additional measure of food safety with pasteurization for non-roasted sunflower products. Housed within the CHS roasting and packaging facility in Fargo, North Dakota, this industry-leading Log5 technology enables pasteurization without changing texture, taste or overall sensory characteristics of food products.  

In-Shell Sunflower

Roasted and salted, in-shell sunflower seeds are increasingly popular as a nutritious, convenient snacking choice. They are high in protein, naturally low in carbohydrates and the best whole-grain source of Vitamin E available. Large in size and large in taste, in-shell sunflower seeds can be flavored to give consumers even greater choices. Raw, roasted and salted, and seasoned.

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