Governance & Compliance



What drives our decisions at CHS.

Our business is growing and becoming more complex. In addition, the federal government, the states and foreign countries in which we do business are increasingly requiring companies to monitor their own actions to ensure conformity with applicable laws and regulations around our daily business operations, our financial reporting and our environmental, health and safety programs. 

Our company-wide Compliance Program helps our employees act on their ethical aspirations and legal requirements and to protect our important shared values at CHS. 

CHS Compliance Procedures and Policies:
CHS Global Code of Conduct: Outlines significant company procedures on a wide range of legal, regulatory and ethical issues. 

CHS Acceptable Use: Provides you with the requirements for the acceptable use of CHS technology and information resources.

The CHS Business Partner Code of Conduct explains the standards of doing business in an ethical and legally compliant manner and applies to third-party partners who conduct business with or on behalf of CHS. Business partners are important contributors to helping CHS achieve and maintain its commitment of doing the right thing. For more information about becoming a partner with CHS,

If you believe someone may be violating the law, the principles or standards included in the Global Code of Conduct, or any applicable Compliance Policy or procedure, you should report the known or suspected violation by contacting:

CHS Compliance Helpline Website:
CHS Compliance Helpline Phone Number: 888-264-0995