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Cooperative Leadership Academy

Cooperative Leadership Academy

Investing in people fuels your cooperative's success.

CHS Cooperative Resources provides an array of Cooperative Leadership Academy programs to help people excel in their roles today and tomorrow. These courses help build the next generation of leaders and ensure a successful future for cooperatives, their employees and the customers they serve.

Meeting agriculture’s evolving needs not only takes technical know-how, but also forward-thinking leaders skilled in business and employee management.  Our in-depth leadership offering ranges from foundational courses on finance and supervision to executive-level courses taught in collaboration with leading universities.  In addition, the Cooperative Leadership Academy offers a variety of learning opportunities designed to help all levels of cooperative employees learn skills they need to succeed.

Ready to unleash your team’s potential? Looking to drive growth and service? Your CHS Cooperative Resources market development manager can assist with assessing your training needs and identifying programs to help develop, retain and advance your people.

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