Transportation & Logistics

Transportation & Logistics

Trusted supply chain capabilities from a total solutions provider.

You won’t find a stronger logistics and transportation partner than CHS. We safely and efficiently move energy products, fertilizers, grains, DDGS and food ingredients across countries and continents for our own global operations, and we can do the same for you and your diverse products.

Whether you are distributing goods across the nation or around the world, CHS has the expertise, experience and equipment to get them delivered where and when they are needed, cost-effectively. We take pride in providing exceptionally reliable services and building lasting relationships.

CHS logistics expertise and intermodal experience gives our customers a competitive advantage in managing the scale and scope of moving bulk commodities or packaged freight. Our far-reaching transportation network gives you access to international containers, trucks, rail cars, barges, deep-water vessels, ports, terminal services and more. From our own trucking fleet of more than 1,200 units, to our strong transportation sourcing connections, we have the capabilities and competencies to keep your business running smoothly.

In today’s volatile marketplace, you’ll also appreciate the risk-management strength and services available to you when you partner with CHS on all your logistics and transportation needs.

Contact us today to discuss how we can help you strategically optimize your supply chain.

  • Trucking

    CHS Transportation specializes in the transportation of bulk liquid, petroleum, and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) products. Our size and scale allow us to create custom transportation and logistics solutions to meet the needs of agribusiness, cooperatives, and commercial customers. Read more 

  • Rail

    We’re among the top rail shippers overall and one of the largest agricultural users of both the BNSF and Canadian Pacific lines. We have facilities that serve major port access points in North America, as well as Brazil.

    Our rail shipping includes:
    • Managing Class I, short-line, regional railroads.
    • Private fleet management.
    • Logistics (empty and loaded)/freight capacity.
    • Rail-related consulting - including rail-related industrial deployment projects (expansion/new facilities for grain, propane, fuel, etc.); freight-capacity merchandising; accessorial management (create structure to minimize risk/mitigate exposure to fees associated with rail shipping), rate management and analysis.

  • Barge

    CHS annually transports more than 2 billion bushels of grains and oilseeds to domestic destinations as well as to 60 foreign countries. We rely heavily on barge freight throughout the United States and eastern Europe to support our export programs and input distribution. And we’re focused on maintaining an efficient and competitive supply chain that utilizes waterways to serve the needs of customers and the marketplace.

  • Ocean Vessel

    As an agribusiness leader, CHS plays a major role in the global movement of agricultural commodities. But our reputation is built on more than the volumes we move. Using our global logistics capabilities and expertise, we can ensure competitive and efficient ocean-going vessel freight capacity to meet the needs of global customers.

    In an average year, CHS charters vessels move:

    • 9,250,000 metric tons of grain and fertilizer.
    • 4,300,000 metric tons of grain destined for China.
    • 715,000 metric tons of grain destined for Mexico.

    Grain Tariffs: