CHS Community Giving

Ag Health and Safety

Ag Health & Safety

CHS Community Giving is leading advancements in ag health and safety by working with industry partners to provide training, equipment and industry expertise at the national, state and local levels.
  • Local Safety

    CHS Community Giving supports training and equipment for local fire departments and first responders through the CHS Seeds for Stewardship program. Since 2017, more than 40 ag health and safety grants have been awarded to help keep rural communities safe. View the Seeds for Stewardship grant application information. 


  • National and State Level Safety

    CHS Community Giving supports national and state ag safety initiatives by connecting with partners including the Progressive Ag Safety Foundation and AgriSafe  that are positively impacting ag health and safety for rural families. Apply now for an ag health and safety grant. 

    Progressive Ag Safety FoundationEach year, Progressive Ag hosts nearly 400 safety days in rural communities, educating children 8 to 13 about agricultural safety. They were recently recognized by the National Safety Council for their outstanding work. CHS Community Giving financial support helps more than 8,000 kids attend safety day camps each year. CHS locations also hosts 5 safety days to directly impact the communities where we live and work.

    AgriSafe: CHS Community Giving partners with AgriSafe to supports rural and mental health initiatives. Most recently, CHS Community Giving designated $25,000 to support AgriSafe’s new initiative to train 300 rural health care professionals and 200 rural influencers to better identify mental health signs and recommend treatment. We also partner to support safety training for future agricultural producers and continuing education for rural nurses.  


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