Developing Ag Leaders

Developing Ag Leaders

Empowering future generations.

The CHS Foundation is focused on developing a new generation of agriculture leaders for life-long success.  Together, with our partners, we are igniting innovation and driving excellence in agriculture education, cultivating high-impact programs for rural youth and accelerating potential for careers in agriculture. Click here to learn how we grow ag leaders for life. 

  • Cooperative Education

    The CHS Foundation supports programs that advance innovation in cooperative education. Projects that advance the agriculture-based cooperative business model by incorporating new technology, developing new curriculum or have the ability to reach large and diverse audiences will be considered. Applications are accepted until Feb. 28, 2018.  Click here for application guidelines or apply now


  • Rural Youth Leadership

    The CHS Foundation provides support at the state, regional and national level to grow high impact ag youth leadership programs through partnerships with organizations including: 

    Click here to apply for an ag youth leadership grant. 

  • University Partnerships

    The CHS Foundation cultivates opportunity through partnerships with nearly 30 universities to support students studying agriculture with program support, scholarships and mini-grants. Scholarships and mini-grants for college clubs are now offered through our partner colleges. Please contact the college of agriculture office at your selected university for more information. Select from the list below for more information on University Partnership projects. 

  • Career Potential in Ag

    The CHS Foundation accelerates potential for careers in ag by ensuring students and teachers have the resources to become better trained and prepared for lifelong success in agriculture through partnerships with organizations including: 

    National Teach Ag Campaign’s STAR Program  
    AgCultures- Career Exploration and STEM Curriculum 
    Questions about funding of a project that develops ag leaders? Contact 1-800-814-0506 or