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Business Advisors

Business Advisors

Accelerating cooperative success in a changing landscape.

Is your business prepared for the next 5-10 years? What is your growth plan? Do you have a roadmap to make your plan become a reality? Get expert help with all this and more with from CHS.

The CHS Aligned Solutions team are your frontline strategic advisors, here to help create growth opportunities for your business.  We bring topline insights and deliver industry-leading resources that give complex businesses a competitive edge. And we’re uniquely positioned to create connections within CHS that help drive your business strategy success.
  • Today's Insight

    Successful businesses are ones that stay relevant for their customers over the long term. But how do you stay ahead of a changing industry like agriculture? Business intelligence is key to knowing you are making the kind of decisions that drive growth and secure results. Our team continually taps into current industry research as well as a vast network of ag and business experts to bring forward reports that give our clients critical insight into today’s issues and opportunities.  Here’s a sample:

    "Succession planning at the farm level is among the top needs of today’s producers and co-ops are listening. Read this issue of C magazine and hear how some producers and co-ops are working together to find resources in the country. Cooperatives have their own unique succession needs. Dr. Gregory McKee, Director, Quentin Burdick Center for Cooperatives, addresses some of those issues in his white paper, Succession Planning for the Cooperative Chief Executive.

  • Advisory Services

    Our strategic advisors have earned their reputation as trusted partners inside board rooms and throughout organizations. Here, they surface ideas and challenge the status quo to help co-ops anticipate and deliver what their owners need. These advisors are also able to make valuable connections with deep expertise in grain, energy and agronomy within CHS. The results drive informed decisions for long-term business success.

  • Talent Services

    CHS has a proven record of supporting co-ops to find, develop, retain and advance the talent that will help them grow. Our recruiting team is known for advising and placing the top and emerging leaders throughout the cooperative system with our established industry connections and extensive sourcing partnerships. Our commitment to building strong cooperatives goes beyond hiring, though, to help build and support a learning and development culture at each one. Our programs are uniquely tailored to an organization’s leadership and workforce needs and goals, and deliver a broad complement of assessment and learning resources.

  • Operations Services

    As part of CHS, we are uniquely able to take advantage of a full scope of enterprise services and talent on behalf of our cooperatives. As close partners in the cooperative system, we bring additional support services to operational needs such as safety and compliance or project management.