Influencing change

At CHS, we know that governmental policies and regulations have an impact on business decisions. It is imperative that we can educate policymakers about the impact of legislation, rules and regulations. With deep expertise and up-to-the-minute information, our government affairs team amplifies the voice of CHS and our owners so that the viewpoint of farmers, ranchers and rural communities is clearly heard. Our team also makes sure that CHS leaders have insight into governmental policies and trends as they make key decisions affecting our businesses.

Your representation

CHS Government Affairs represents CHS owners and stakeholders to the executive and legislative branches of the U.S. and state governments, independent government agencies and nongovernmental organizations. The team’s goals include:

  • Protect CHS and our owners
  • Advance CHS interests proactively
  • Inform CHS decision makers
  • Influence external decision makers.

Beyond influencing and informing, the CHS Government Affairs team is responsible for staffing the Board Government Relations Committee and CHS Resolutions Committee.

Read legislative position statements adopted by CHS Board of Directors and membership.

Your influence

CHSPAC is the political action committee of CHS Inc. employees and owners. CHSPAC is a federal non-partisan political action committee.

CHSPAC members voluntarily pool their personal financial resources to help elect candidates for federal office who meet our criteria for candidate support and are approved by our CHSPAC Advisory Committee.

Participation in CHSPAC is limited by the Federal Election Campaign Act, which governs our activities, to eligible CHS employees and owners. CHS Inc. pays the administrative costs of CHSPAC. All contributions received by CHSPAC members are used to contribute to campaigns of candidates running for federal office.

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Developing future cooperative leaders

The CHS New Leaders political advocacy trip to Washington, D.C. with CHS Government Affairs provides an opportunity to connect with members of Congress and administration officials about issues that impact our farmer-owners’ businesses and the cooperative system. The political advocacy program is designed for alumni of the CHS New Leaders Forum.

Learn about the CHS New Leaders Forum