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Linking growers' crops with consumers
As a dependable, trusted oilseed processor, CHS connects the farmer to
food and ingredient customers.

Food Ingredients

Soybean and canola oil, sunflower seeds and wheat help feed the world.

More about food

CHS Foundation invests in college student wellness initiatives

The CHS Foundation, funded by charitable contributions from CHS Inc., recently awarded AgriSafe a $60,000 grant to assist in responding to emerging health concerns and support wellness initiatives for college students.
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Branded Foods

CHS grains and oilseeds are key ingredients in a variety of popular brands.

Meet Ventura Foods

The future of food

Dramatic shifts in consumer preferences are reshaping the food production chain. As millions of millennials enter the middle class, they will bring with them consumer preferences that will turn the way we have traditionally thought about food on its head.
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