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An even stronger CHS

Just as you do every day on your operation, we’re working to make sure our business is working as well as it possibly can, and that the assets and businesses we invest in match the long- term vision of the company. 

To do this, CHS brought together a group of leaders from across the company to discuss how we could evaluate performance as well as strategic relevance of our assets. Led by CHS Chief Strategy Officer Darin Hunhoff and his team, this group built a custom portfolio review model that allows CHS to take a holistic and balanced view of its portfolio of existing assets, as well as to assist in prioritizing future capital and other resource allocations. The model includes criteria such as whether the investment is in an area where CHS has proven core competencies, how closely it enables the supply chain around our owners, and to what degree it generates patronage. 

“This portfolio analysis tool will help us make decisions now and into the future, including deciding when and where to invest in assets and partnerships and, equally as important, where not to. But, perhaps even more significant, is how it will help us improve the performance of assets core to our businesses throughout our enterprise,” says Hunhoff.”

We all understand the need for our assets to perform, but we also know that our businesses are impacted by the ups and downs of the markets we compete in. The collective knowledge we are gathering through this process will help us optimize our portfolio of assets to better serve you and more fully live enterprise collaboration.