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S.D. cooperative leverages meaningful advertising tools

Successful advertising campaigns resonate with customers by ringing true and delivering a meaningful message that demonstrates values. That’s one reason CHS Farmers Alliance has embraced using the ad tools in the Value of the Co-op Tool Kit, a resource available free of charge to all cooperatives.

“The messages communicated by these tools really reflect our way of doing business. We’re here for you, we’re helping you grow, and only when you grow do we grow. That’s what we’re all about,” says Kelli Jo McGregor, customer support and marketing communications specialist for the Mitchell, S.D.-based Country Operations location.

“I like that these tools have a ‘big’ message that you can easily bring down to the local level,” says McGregor. “Being able to customize the message and make sure we come across as their local partner is valuable.”

Recently McGregor used an email header from the tool kit to personalize an email message sent to a select group of customers. The header says, “As long as you have your local co-op, you never farm alone,” and it was used at the top of an email offering farmers the opportunity to sign up to receive cash bids via text. “The texts are a convenient tool that can help their operation succeed, so the message in the header was a good fit,” she says. 

“We didn’t want the email to look like junk mail. Using the header made it feel more professional.”

Response was good, with most recipients signing up to receive cash bids by text. 

McGregor has also found the radio scripts in the Value of the Co-op Tool Kit to be useful.  “We sponsor the weather report on the local radio station. We gave the announcer the radio scripts, and he was able to pull a statement about the spirit of cooperation and the value of the local co-op from them to use as part of our sponsorship message,” she says.

“It’s beneficial to have some strong cooperative messages that can cover all your departments, for those times when you aren’t focusing on promoting a specific product like feed or fuel,” adds McGregor. “We’re telling a big story, but keeping it local.”

 To download free resources, visit chsinc.com/our-company/value-of-the-coop.