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Day 2, Crop and Cow tour: Medora, N.D.

Editor of C magazine Greg Lamp is hitting the road on a motorcycle trip with a gang of Montana ranchers and farmers over the next few days. Follow along with him as the group of wild hogs tours ranches, farms, co-ops and processing facilities in eastern Montana and western North Dakota. He’ll post new photos of the adventure every day. Stay tuned.

Watch the video below to see the trip in action.

Today’s ride couldn’t have started better: perfect temps, wind at our back, bright and sunny. We meandered through eastern Montana and ended up in Hettinger, N.D.

In Hettinger, we were treated to a homemade lunch complements of the Hettinger High School music department. 

McKenna Poss (curly hair) and Reanne Cornelius told us about how their small singing group was excited to head to Europe for the Northern Ambassadors of Music. They’re super enthusiastic. Our group did a good job of donating to their fundraising cause.

 Next stop, Solaris Feeder where they feed heavier weight (750-800 pound) cattle in their 6,000-head feedlot.

Piles of pipes are seen throughout the Bakken region.

Eighty miles in a 30-40 mph side wind had our group relieved to get to our overnight town of Medora, N.D.

We loaded onto this makeshift cattle trailer, and wound our way up to the famous Medora Musical.

I’m not sure that trailer would pass any mass-transit regs, but the straw bales made for a comfortable ride. It felt like we were being smuggled across a border – maybe Canada?

The Medora Musical started with steaks skewered on a pitch fork with all the fixins’. Then off to the performance, which was top-notch. The talent was impressive, the wind and cold, not so much. 

 Big surprise was a two-tiered escalator that took us down into the amphitheater. Way cool considering we were on the edge of Theodore Roosevelt National Park.

 Carl Mattson was greeted by Mr. and Mrs. Teddy Roosevelt. The likenesses were uncanny.

The performance was great, and the beautiful backdrop made for a memorable evening.

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