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Day 3, Crop and Cow tour: Minot, N.D.

Editor of C magazine Greg Lamp is hitting the road on a motorcycle trip with a gang of Montana ranchers and farmers over the next few days. Follow along with him as the group of wild hogs tours ranches, farms, co-ops and processing facilities in eastern Montana and western North Dakota. He’ll post new photos of the adventure every day. Stay tuned.

Watch the videos below to see the trip in action.

Despite bucking all-day winds of more than 30 mph, our group  marched on from Medora to Minot for a 3 p.m. processing tour.

Oil wells are scattered throughout the Bakken region 

A stop along the Badlands was a welcome break from fighting the wind. This is the edge of Theodore Roosevelt Park and I'm with, from left, Keith and Marlene Kisling, Okla., and Beth Borthwick, Canada.

Crossing Lake Sakakawea on the way to Minot, N.D.

This has to be the biggest, fanciest Cenex travel plaza I've ever seen. It's at New Town, N.D., and has lumber, auto parts, clothing and about anything else anyone would ever need. As they say, it's big and beautiful, and the largest in North Dakota.

Next stop, a tour at AGT Foods, a pulse crop processing facility in Minot, N.D., that turns locally grown peas and lentils into fine flours and powders, much of it for the export market.

Just a sample of what the high-protein pea flour looks like and sample of specialty chips that it's used for. Apparently, there's a huge demand for pea flour to substitute for corn and soybean flours that come with some allergen components. Business is booming at AGT Foods.

AGT Foods, based out of Turkey, processes several pulse crops that are used in a variety of food products and pet foods, many that you'll see on the shelves at Walmart. Yellow and white peas seem to be the hot ticket item, however.

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