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Explore agriculture in South America

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¡Vamanos!  Join the AgCultures adventure learning team as they head to Paraguay and Argentina. Starting this week, the team will embark on the second of six expeditions to explore the many faces and facets of agriculture.  

Despite its small size, Paraguay has the third largest barge and river system in the world. In its Chaco region, it houses the highest ratio of cows to people found anywhere on the planet. Argentina also has a thriving cattle industry, along with being the third largest soybean producer in the world. The team will explore sites ranging from cattle ranches to sunflower plants, from the biggest dairy farm in South America to the small family farms found in remote regions of the Pampas. The AgCultures expedition even includes a visit to a few CHS facilities in South America. 

Follow along live now through Nov. 17.  Live updates will be shared from the field team, along with Take it Local activities where students, teachers and the general public are invited to share their own stories as they work alongside the AgCultures team investigating the world’s food puzzles.
AgCultures is funded by a 2016 grant from the CHS Foundation to the University of Minnesota to help transform the future of agriculture education. To learn more about this and other projects the CHS Foundation supports to develop the next generation of ag leaders, visit chsinc.com/stewardship