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Advancing innovation in cooperative education

Cooperative tours, forming their own cooperative and virtual classroom visits are just a few of the ways students will learn about the cooperative system, thanks to grants funded by the CHS Foundation. 

The CHS Foundation recently awarded more than 20 grants as part of the Cooperative Education grants program, which supports projects that advance innovation in the cooperative business model. 

“While their grandparents understood that a cooperative will help market their crops and create opportunities in tough ag markets, today’s students might not know all that co-ops offer,” says Nanci Lilja, president, CHS Foundation. “Helping students understand the value of the cooperative system will ensure the success of our industry for the future.” 

Cooperative Education grants support projects that target middle, high school and college-age students as well as young producers. Projects funded included cooperative camps for youth, cooperative curriculum at universities and specialized conferences designed to give students and producers an inside look at the cooperative system and agriculture industry. 

“The cooperative business model isn’t always easy to understand,” says Lilja. “Just like no two cooperatives are exactly alike, neither are students,” says Lilja. “These projects will engage students in a variety of ways.” 

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