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Sep 24, 2018

Fun-filled activities help kids learn and share safety skills. 

Giggles echoed off the walls of the Faulkton, S.D., school gym. This was not an ordinary school day. Taking a break from writing and arithmetic, students were getting a different kind of education. They were learning about safety as a part of a Progressive Agriculture Safety Day hosted by CHS Northern Plains.

“This was the second year we hosted a Progressive Agriculture Safety Day. We had great response last year,” says Kelly Archer, safety specialist, CHS Northern Plains.

“Ag safety lessons are important in rural areas, and people look forward to this year after year.”

Inside the gym, students practiced CPR, created first-aid kits and took turns learning how to apply bandages. Outside the school, a group of students watched a power take-off safety demonstration, while others maneuvered through a smoke-filled trailer.

Children learning CPR 

Partnering on safety

During a typical safety day, kids participate in six to eight interactive safety sessions. Topics incorporate hazards that could be found on a farm and other safety concerns. Each year, the Progressive Agriculture Foundation (PAF) supports more than 400 safety days across the country for children ages 4 through 12.

CHS has supported PAF safety days for more than 20 years. In 2015, CHS Stewardship recognized an opportunity to extend the reach and impact of the partnership by holding a series of safety days at CHS locations.

 Children petting goats 


“CHS is committed to advancing ag health and safety for our employees and the communities in which we live and work,” says Jessie Headrick, director, CHS Stewardship. “By hosting safety days at our CHS locations, our employees are able to play a direct and active role in introducing kids to safety practices and encouraging the next generation to be safety leaders among their peers and within their communities.”


94% of attendees said they learned ways to stay safe


Community impact

This year, six CHS-hosted safety days will impact more than 600 students. Each safety day experience engages students, parents and the community.

“The safety day program is worth its weight in gold,” says Amanda Peterson, communications specialist and PAF coordinator, CHS Rochester (Minn.), which held its third annual safety day in May. “We partner with the high school FFA chapter and other local businesses to help teach topics. It’s a great way to bring community organizations together to teach safety.”

Archer and his team host a safety day in a different community each year to extend engagement and take safety messages to all the areas CHS Northern Plains serves.

“We have eight locations throughout North Dakota and South Dakota,” says Archer. “We want all the kids in our trade area to benefit from attending safety days and tell others what they learned.”

“The kids take what they learn home to their parents, grandparents and other family members,” says Peterson. “Safety is such an important topic and this program brings those conversations to the table to help keep kids and adults safe.”

86% said they would share what they learned with a parent or sibling

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Host a Safety Day

Interested in hosting a safety day in your community? Visit for more information on curriculum, sample schedules and other resources. 

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