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Connecting military experience to careers

CHS Director and veteran Don Anthony knows his experience in the Army Reserve has made a difference in the leadership roles he’s held throughout his career.

“I learned the value of communication. The people who explained, ‘This is what we’re going to do and how we’re going to get it done,’ were way more effective than the ones who barked orders. It gave me a new perspective,” says Don as he reflects on how his years of service benefited him professionally.

Don was recently featured in a HirePurpose article through its partner Task & Purpose.

He also recognizes the opportunities for those with military experience in rural communities.

“A company isn’t made up of bricks and mortar. It’s made up of people. Many of our employees are in rural communities,” he says. “We provide them with good jobs and good benefits and set a good example as an employer.”

Matching skills with opportunities
Don is one of many who have applied skills learned and experiences gained in the military to make a difference in the cooperative system.

Many of the capabilities of those with military service are a good fit for careers in agriculture and the cooperative system,” says Tina Dorner, outreach program manager, CHS. “In addition to their skills, the values reinforced by military service – integrity, accountability, respect, leadership, service, leading with courage and commitment to a job done well – align with the values that make CHS and our cooperative system strong.”

As military service members wrap up their military careers, transitioning to civilian life can be hard. What will their next steps be? Where will they live? How will the change impact their families? Finding a job in the right location that fits their skills and experiences can ease readjusting to civilian life.

CHS has partnered with FASTPORT to provide a more robust recruiting experience for those transitioning out of the military, those with military experience and military families.

“We’ve made it easier for people to connect to opportunities that fit their skills, interests and experiences through a military skills translator,” says Tina, noting that the partnership also provides extensive training for the hiring team to connect military experiences with career opportunities.