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CHS Propane launches new rebate program to save customers thousands

Propane powered car
Propane is a fast-growing alternative fuel for everything from school buses and fleets to irrigation systems and generators. But relying on this fuel requires education and an infrastructure for dispensers.  

To that end, CHS Propane is launching a first-of-its-kind program that offers rebates to marketers for adopting propane technologies. The CHS Propane-Powered Rebate Program offers CHS customers one cent for every gallon of propane purchased when marketers adopt propane-powered technologies, including installing propane autogas dispensers or converting fleet vehicles to autogas.  

“CHS is committed to helping both co-ops and the propane industry grow gallons,” says Drew Combs, vice president of CHS Propane. “There is increasing production of propane in the U.S., so there is great opportunity to use propane as a safe, reliable and efficient alternative energy source.”  

The program is open only to CHS Propane customers. Current customers can contact their CHS Propane account manager to find out what rebate they're eligible for. Not a customer? Find out how you can take advantage