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Owners & Investors

Owners & Investors

Investing in your growth.

CHS is committed to driving growth for all of its owners including its 950 local cooperative owners who represent 500,000 farmers and ranchers, for its 75,000 individual farmers and ranchers who sell grain directly to CHS, and for its 20,000 preferred stockholders. 

For membership information, please read our CHS Membership Policy.
  • Owner Patronage

    CHS farmer owners and member-owner cooperatives share directly in the success of CHS via patronage dividends. The cooperative patronage model supports farmers and rural America by returning a proportion of the profits back.  

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  • Preferred Stock

    CHS preferred stock investors provide CHS with capital that supports a strong balance sheet and investments for future growth. All of the CHS classes of preferred stock trade on the NASDAQ Global Select Market. Read more

  • Annual Report

    The 2017 CHS Annual Report showcases the commitment to strengthen and grow the company and its cooperatives. Accessible here, the annual report offers a colorful and detailed overview of the year’s activities. Within, readers will learn about CHS and its unwavering commitment to its owners and cooperatives.

  • Annual Meeting

    CHS leaders share news, financial updates and coming-year initiatives with stakeholders at the Annual Meeting held each year in early December. Read more

  • CHS Owner Forums

    At the 2018 CHS Owner Forums, owners engaged in business updates, asked questions, learned about trends, participated in a workshop and shared their thoughts about working together for long-term success.