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Farmer-owned and governed
We're honored to know and serve our owners
 in thousands of rural communities

New Leaders

CHS supports the next generation of farmers and ranchers.

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Your Co-op Connection

Behind successful farming operations are supportive...

Your Co-op connection

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Team Ag

Like most CEOs, Troy Randall starts his day early and never lets his smartphone stray far from his fingertips. Despite the constant connection with 21st century technology, he spends the first few hours of the day decidedly old school on “management by walking around,” as they called it in the ’70s.
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Cooperative Services

We provide agricultural inputs, energy products, hedging, financing and other services.

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The elevator team has developed good local markets and knows how to merchandise our crops.

Joseph Sisk

Hopkinsville, Ky.

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Farmers and ranchers thrive in the cooperative system

Local. It’s one of the hottest trends in recent years. But that trend was set in communities across rural America nearly 100 years ago when the first local cooperatives opened their doors to provide the services, products and markets local farmers and ranchers needed to thrive. 

Local co-ops worked to fill the gaps left by private businesses that were unwilling or unable to weather the economic ups and downs of agriculture. And they sought to put farmers, as a group, on the same footing as those businesses, with the same clout in the marketplace and the same voice on Capitol Hill.

Owned and controlled by the producers who do business with it, there’s nothing more local than a local cooperative.
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