Environmental Responsibility

CHS is committed to creating a strong future and strong future leaders by giving back to our communities with our time, talent and resources. In 2014, CHS and the CHS Stewardship invested $10.5 million to develop the next generation of agricultural leaders, improve agriculture safety and help grow vibrant communities.

Safety Commitment
CHS is making the agriculture, energy, food and transportation industries safer through our national agricultural programs, local investments and our internal commitment to a safety-first culture.
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Community Investment
We recognize we wouldn’t be successful without our rural communities, and that makes giving back essential to our business. The CHS Stewardship funds adult education and leadership programs that promote innovation and collaboration in developing new approaches to emerging issues and opportunities in rural communities.
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Leadership Development
CHS funds a variety of university, cooperative education and rural youth leadership programs. Every year, we award hundreds of grants and scholarship to educate future generations and fun innovation. 
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Environmental Sustainability
At CHS, we realize the decisions we make today affect not only the success of our business tomorrow but also the health of our planet and the lives of our stakeholders. That’s why environmental responsibility is always top of mind at CHS. We continually look for ways to further reduce emissions, recycle more, and use energy more efficiently.
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If you have questions or need more information, please complete the online survey or contact us at PublicAwareness@chsinc.com or at 855-4-CHSPIPE.