Commodity Hedging Classes

Compass Class

Inver Grove Heights, MN

Energy Risk Management

Today’s energy markets are competitive and ever-changing. The need to manage price risk in a consistent and profitable manner has never been greater.  This is a one day class for both experienced managers and  developing staff who seek to grow profitably and expand market share by understanding the proper utilization of current energy risk management tools.

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Energy Hedging II

Today's energy markets are volatile and ever changing. They require knowledge and skills to help manage this risk. Energy Hedging II is a class geared towards managers and staff that are unfamiliar with risk management and want to expand on the skills they already possess in order to better mitigate risk and/or gain market share.
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Grain Hedging I

Today’s merchandising environment is a constant challenge. Grain Hedging I provides a background on hedging, explaining various hedging tools and concepts that can be applied to commodity procurement. This class is designed for any employee who needs to understand hedging techniques and how to apply them to marketing commmodities. It is a good session for employees who are new to the business.

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Grain Hedging II

This course will expand on the concepts discussed in Grain Hedging I while introducing risk management tools that can be used locally to manage price risk for your elevator and your producer customer. Topics covered will include: rolling hedge positions in various market conditions; using the EFP transaction to exchange futures; using OTC contracts to manage futures price risk, as well as examing other daily marketing opportunities that can occur. Participants will have hands on opportunities and real life examples to complete during the class.

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Introduction to Technical Analysis

This half-day course is designed to develop and build basic competencies in the understanding of technical trading concepts and how they are can be used to improve overall trading results. Specifically, you’ll learn what technical indicators are and how they impact decisions, how to spot trends using technical indicators, how to read charts and spot patterns, and how market support and resistance impacts your position over time. This information provides beginners with a good foundation and offers experienced traders a chance to deepen expertise in areas they don’t use all the time or need refreshed thinking on.
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