The cooperative difference

Local. Farmer-owned. Working together.

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Farmer-owned with global connections


Farmers, ranchers and agriculture co-ops are the heart of CHS and vital to feeding the world.

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Energy & Industrial

CHS keeps agriculture and communities running smoothly with our fuels and lubricants.

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Food & Ingredients

CHS creates quality food and ingredients from farmers' grains and oilseeds.

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When you're connected to a co-op, you never farm alone

Today’s cooperative system connects farmers to the larger world around them, while providing a measure of dependability, strength and stability close to home.

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Home heating safety

For many CHS customers and employees who live in rural areas, propane is an economical and clean-burning fuel, ideal for heating homes in colder winter months and running household appliances.

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Explore agriculture in South America

Join the AgCultures adventure learning team as they head to Paraguay and Argentina. Starting this week, the team will embark on the second of six expeditions to explore the many faces and facets of agriculture.

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