Leading Ag Health & Safety

Safety Commitment

Safety for our food, farmers and families.

In agriculture, energy, food and transportation we’re making industries safer through our national ag programs, local investments and our internal commitment to a safety-first culture. Click here for examples of recent safety initiatives.
  • Ag Health & Safety

    CHS is leading advancements in ag health and safety excellence by working with industry partners to provide training, equipment and industry expertise.  We are impacting ag health and safety at the national, state and local levels through partnerships with organizations including:
    Matching funds for local safety grants through the Seeds for Stewardship program
    Coaching nearly 8,000 kids to stay safe on farms and at home through Progressive Ag Safety Days 
    Supporting wellness initiatives for college students and response to emerging health concerns through AgriSafe partnership 

    Questions about funding for your ag safety initiative? Apply now or contact us at 1-800-814-0506 or


  • Employee Safety

    At CHS, we put safety first, above business performance. We’ve established comprehensive safety plans for all our businesses. We communicate with all CHS employees in the workplace and even in their homes with on-going training and safety reminders. We incorporate these far-reaching safety goals into incentive pay for leaders throughout the company. Recently, we developed a multi-faceted program, The Safety Zone, that has been specifically designed to engage our employees and their families with the CHS safety commitment.

    CHS and each of its subsidiaries are committed to providing a safe and healthy workplace by adhering to established safety regulations. Each CHS business unit must develop and implement a safety program that satisfied regulatory requirements and ensures compliance. Employees must strive to eliminate unsafe work practices or conditions by immediately notifying their manager of any problems or unsafe conditions in the workplace.

  • Food Safety

    At CHS, our commitment to food safety goes further than our doors. Much further. As a leading agriculture and food company, we strive to process and provide food and food ingredients that are safe and of the highest quality. No matter where or when they’re consumed across the globe.

    This commitment includes a comprehensive approach that addresses biological, chemical and physical hazards. Whenever handling food products, processing ingredients, transporting around the globe, or food service within our retail locations, we bring unparalleled safety commitments and initiatives to the table. 

    Our definition of food safety is simple. We work to protect both people and animals from illness or injury from handling or consuming our food products all along our vast supply chain. 

    Being an integral part of the world’s food supply means our work is never done. We’ve made significant investments in our local communities and in our processing facilities. We’re not only committed to ensuring the food we process and deliver is safe. We work to make certain this commitment spans cultures and geographies to bring our integrity and safety to the world.